Friday, February 8, 2013

Style Stalking

Boy did time get away from me this winter I haven't had a post in forever. But don't worry I have vowed to make this blog legit! I am devoted to stalking the fashion world and I think I have a lot of insight. Whether that's legit or not I guess we will see. 

But any-who New York Fashion Week is here and I just have to point out that  Rebecca Minkoff is killing it! Leather, amazeballs jackets, and uniquely printed pants, you got it. The Minkette team definitely out did themselves. My personal favorite look is in the top middle picture. That citron dress paired with a long leather trench - I want it all! I love the idea of carrying neons into fall and pairing it with a slightly more edgy fall appropriate piece. Also I'm usually not a huge fan of graphics but whatever that peace sign/pink floyd looking motif is I'm diggin it. 

Oh and I'm totally searching the internet right now for a hunter green beanie... I'll let you know what I find!


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